ITF-14 Carton Codes

An ITF-14 Carton Code is a 14 digit barcode used on warehousing and logistics units.  Units using an ITF-14 barcode can contain multiple instances of the same product or mixed lots of assorted products. Some larger retailers and distributors will require ITF-14 carton codes in order to track your products through the supply chain.

Example of an ITF-14 Carton Code with 1st level packaging indicator.
ITF-14 generated by Barcode Savers

When a Carton contains a quantity of the same product the ITF-14’s reference number will correspond to the EAN-13’s product code on the actual product.  When a Carton contains a mixed lot of various products a new product number is assigned to represent the mixed lot.

Packaging Level Indicator – The packaging level indicator is the first digit of the ITF-14 code.  The packaging level number can range from 0 – 8 (9 cannot be used).  Standard orders of ITF-14 numbers use the packaging indicator (1).

If you have purchased an EAN-13 barcode package and require corresponding  ITF-14 Carton Codes please email us at  with your order reference or receipt number.  If you require a packaging level indicator other than “1” or have any other special requirement you can include this information in your mail.

Important !

ITF-14s can not be used at point of sale.
EAN-13s can not be used in place of an ITF-14.