ITF-14 Carton Codes

An ITF-14 Carton Code is a 14 digit barcode used on warehousing and logistics units.  Units using an ITF-14 barcode can contain multiple instances of the same product or mixed lots of assorted products. Some larger retailers and distributors will require ITF-14 carton codes in order to track your products through the supply chain. When … Read more

Difference between EAN and UPC barcodes – which to use on your product

Our standard barcode packages include both EAN-13 (International Article Number) and UPC-A (Universal Product Code) variants.   Our numbers originate with the Uniform Code Council (now GS1 US) and are prefixed with either a “07” or “06”.  This means our barcodes can be read as either; a 13 digit EAN-13 when including the leading zero or, … Read more

480 Barcode Number Prefix

A barcode beginning with an “480” prefix indicates the number was issued by the Philippine branch of the Global Standards Body (GS1 Philippines). A “480” prefix however does not indicate the product as being of Philippine origin or “Made in The Philippines”. This is confirmed by GS1’s own documentation, see GS1 Australia’s Media Release or … Read more

ISBN – Barcodes for Books

The standard EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcode numbers we supply are not suited for Books & Magazines. Books require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) using a range of numbers reserved especially for print publications. To obtain an ISBN in The Philippines please visit the National Library of the Philippines Once you have your ISBN … Read more